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Company Introduction

AC-DC Power Supplies & Computer Power Supply Manufacturer - ETOP

E Top Electronic led Power supply Manufacturer and Power supply supplier is basically a Chinese brand of power supplies but it has now become the leading AC DC power supply manufacturer in all over the world. In China there are many manufacturers who rely on our power supplies for solar street lamps, for LED lights and so many more. It has been a part of international electronics industry for more than 10 years. Etopelectronic is trusted by majority of consumers internationally due its quality of products, services and reliability. We are the top DC power supply manufacturer and led power supply manufacturer and Power supply supplier in china, Taiwan and India.

What We Sale?

Being a LED Power supply Manufacturer and supplier we sale variety of power supplies including ac adapters, led power supplies, computer power supplies, mobile phone chargers and we are also known as switching power supply manufacturer. These all products are available for sale in hundreds of specifications. We have huge variety of cell phone chargers available for sale. We also have adapters for many gadgets.

Our Credibility?

Dc power supply manufacturer and Power supply supplier require skillful engineers and innovators. Fortunately we have worked with dedication to keep modifying the old technologies and introducing the new ones. Our R & D department has made it possible to capture international electronic supplies industry within such a short span of time with its continuous hard work, dedication and management.
Ac dc power supply manufacturer are globally recognized on basis of certifications. Etopelectronic is a certified ac adapter supplier. We also manufacture products especially with provided specifications on order.

Our Targeted Markets?

For a power supply supplier, it is most important to reach target market where sales targets can be achieved in lesser time. Luckily Etop has proven success records in different regions of the world. It is all made possible with continuous efforts, dedication, quality of products and customer facilitation.
We are emerging Computer Power supply Manufacturer and dc power supply manufacturers of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines. Also we are dealers of Dc power supplies in South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. Power supply suppliers in UAE are our competitor’s in Middle East region.
In addition to above, we also export our products in USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Applications of Our Products:

our devices are used in Computer hardware, welding machines, charging adapters and medical machinery. Almost every electronic system requires regulated dc power supplies. You may buy either desktop power supply or a laptop power supply as a long term solution of your power need. There are many systems which have built-in switching power supply. Such supplies can’t be replaced or repaired frequently that is why many manufacturers consult Etop led power supply manufacturer to manufacture reliable instruments with highly efficient power supplies.
Ac dc power supplies are also the need of medical systems. Many hospitals demand these supplies for their equipments. Ac dc power supplies are quite common these days. From toys to large industrial system, Etop power supplies are considered to be the best solution.