Switching Power Supplies

Switching Mode Power Supplies

Product Profile

Etopelectronics is your smart choice and trusted partner in power supply profession. Our Conventional linear power supplies are designed with cutting edge technology to provide highly reliable DC to DC power conversions systems. Our switching mode power supply systems are product line of Regulator Series power supply systems. At Etopelectronics, we design our products in high tech facility with supervision of our skilled team and highly qualified professionals. As leading switching power supply manufacturer we ensure the high efficiency and reliability of our products. Our designed SMPS are there to fulfill standards of high quality and supply ac-dc, dc-ac and dc-dc conversions for your electrical operations.

Improved Technology

SMPS in utilized in high-powered applications like voltage regulators, motor control applications, telecom sectors, server base stations and certain industrial applications. In SMPS the output must be isolated from the input which makes this system applicable to control desktop power and power adapters. With its leading edge in the power supply industry Etop has established its standards in the global market as legitimate manufacturer and authorized distributor of high quality products. Our improved technology has helped us to establish confidence on our international customers as legitimate switching power supply manufacturers.

Standard Quality

As genuine switching power supply manufacturer, we design highly efficient power supplies that are adaptable for worldwide applications. Our innovative power supplies isolate output from the input and are provided with shift regulator to control the voltage levels. At etopelectronic, we specialize in engineering switch mode supplies which has very low power dissipation to bring great advantage to operate general and custom made products. For over past decade, SMPS system has remained a part of electronic industry to power computer equipments and mobile radio applications.

Reliability and Performance

Our designed Power supplies use isolated pulse with modulation technique for regulation of output. For Power supplies circuits and transformers, switching transistors are operated randomly to produce chopped dc voltage. Our SMPS systems provide outstanding performance, with reliability of extended operating life. Switching is implemented in three ways. They are fly back circuit, forward converter and center tapped push pull circuit. Etopelectronic has maintained its legacy as competitive LED power supplies manufacturer in China leading the competitiveness in quality and price over power supply systems in Taiwan and India.

Market Reach

The engineers at etop specialize in design and selection of power supplies and that is the same reason why Etop has become the most distinguished and renowned power supply system manufacturer across the world. Our Switching power systems and Power semi conductor systems hold great demand in international market as they can be occupied in general purpose products and custom made products. Since the switchers that are operated from main supply directly require a surge limiting circuit to limit the inrush current. We are one of the leading switching mode power supply manufacturers in china and Taiwan. Our target markets also include india, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, Turkey and many other countries.

Distribution Network

Etopelectronic is not just a company but a corporation that has established its roots in China, Taiwan and India. Being legitimate manufacturers, etop is a licensed distributor of electrical equipments and computer systems all over the world. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians are developing new technologies to provide more efficient, reliable and cost-effective computer equipments and products.

Various Applications

As leading switching power supply manufacturer we make the best SMPS with respect to their purpose. Apart from industrial applications, our power supply systems are evenly occupied in Healthcare applications, IT Automation and Communication systems. These power supplies consist of internal switching circuit with surge protection system that operates according to the pre-programmed mode.